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The tailor-made comedy-programme
about your city, community or region.

It's all about:

  • specific characteristics of your area

  • current themes and regional projects, local societies & organisations...

  • the community's 'teamplayers' (mayor, priest, regional bank manager, celebrities, extraordinay people, ...)

Various parodies and alter egos enthuse young and old and
build a bridge to all educational classes and interests.

  • Uncle Fränk from Canada presents his vision for the region.

  • André Bright regards the transcendent fantasy of local societies.

  • Soccer-Trainer Ivica Fusbalovic presents the team-player of the community in a compelling team-analysis.

  • Dr. Dr. Cognatius Rath, is the prototyp of a scatterbrained scientist. He knows the regional formula for success.

  • The news broadcast "Fjutscha Njuus" informs about the wherebouts of your region from 20 years ahead.

'Among us' is also of high educational value and one can complete his M.A. in Laughterology.

  • Brofesor Brohasga teaches 'Lengweedges'. His lessons give us a better understanding of foreign languages and 'the little kiffers bidween dem'.

  • André Bright arrouses firework of laughter regarding play on words. The subject he teaches is geography.

  • Training supervisor, Wehrmann Hermann, is fond of his recruits and wants to make them fit for the world outside the barracks.

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