Das Repertoire von Oliver Hochkofler umfasst rund 30 Charaktere. Mit Charme, Witz, fachlicher Kompetenz und Sympathie entlocken die Comedy-Figuren jedem Zuschauer herzhafte Lacher.

André Bright, philosopher par excellence, penetrates into transcendence, in order to be able to see things clear.

Uncle Frank knows how to fly with the eagles instead of gaggling with the chickens.

Brofesor Brohasga, soccer analyzer, flabbergasts the audience with his '(k)no(w)-ledge' and his very special speaking choirs.

The team-analysis by Otto Maximale is humourous and definitely rich in content.

Pop-Duo Schurli Bazooka and his Original Estragon Senftubes - unsuccessful but great!

Conrad Bookworm's world is full of literature. No matter what piece of written words he finds, he wants to talk about this 'masterpiece'.

Training supervisor, Wehrmann Hermann, is fond of his recruits and wants to make them fit for the world outside the barracks.

The eccentric Dr. Cognatius Rath is scientist with body and soul.

The most likeable organic farmer Hinhackl loves to talk on the phone and is always on the run from his mother-in-law.


Ein musikalisches Ständchen aus Russland, Israel, China, Spanien, Frankreich, Deutschland und Österreich.

Armin A. Singer, Austrian's prime quizmaster, conducts the test at the end of the program.


Im Österreicher-Himmel gibt es ein Wiedersehen mit Helmut Zilk, Thomas Klestil, Erwin Ringel & Co.