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Flabbergast your guests with a comedy programme
especially written for your event and your company.

Comedy programme for:

  • openings/customers events/anniversaries

  • presentation of new products and enterprise strategies

  • staff meetings/retirement celebrations/company christmas parties

  • golf tournaments


In modifiable length :

  • feature-length programme

  • highlight at the end of the official part

  • short breaks between technical inputs and specific lectures

The comedy programme delivers the topics of your interest correctly and with much humour and tactfulness to the audience.

  • Anchor visions and products humourously in the audience's mind.

  • Hear an amusing summary of previously held speeches, lectures etc.

  • Experience the company's history and enterprise philosophy in a precise and amusing way.

  • Let's talk about big excellences and small weaknesses with an affectionate look  and therefore increase confidence and the feeling of belonging together.

Different parodies and alter egos create ties between enterprise, customers and products.

  • 'Which kind of work can you buy in a workshop?' (Philosopher André Bright asks crucial questions.)

  • 'You are flying with the eagles and not gaggling with the chickens!' (Visionary input from Uncle Fränk)

  • 'With every teammate, from the head coach to the trainee-striker, the team will win the UEFA Super Cup, The Champions Cup but first and foremost a hot Cup of Coffee Cup.' (appreciative team-analysis fromMaximalen Otto)

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