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"I'd like to laugh with the audience and not at them!" 


That's the motto, that guarantees untroubled training for your risible muscle.

Company Comedy

The individual comedy for your event!


  • See your topics and products from a humorous angle.

  • Hear about your corporation policy concisely und amusingly told.

  • Untroubled fun for the whole audience.

  • We can also mix English and German for your international meetings!

Among us

The tailor-made comedy about your city or region.


It's all about:

  • specific characteristics of your area

  • current themes and regional projects, local societies & organisations...

  • the community's 'teamplayers' (mayor, priest, regional bank manager, celebrities, extraordinay people, ...)


The presenter is the mouthpiece of an enterprise. It's his job to accompany the audience, make them feel welcome and guarantee that everything goes smoothly.


Presenting an event is a nice addition in order to be onstage as Oliver Hochkofler and not as one of my comedian alter egos.


For me the most important thing is to meet the target you predifined. If my work as moderator can help you to achieve your goals - all the better!


Hilarious entertainment for your golf tournament!


Let's show golfing from a different point of view. Astonish your guests, because incidents, that just occured on that very day, will be integrated in the comedy-programme of the evening.

Video clips

A very fascinating job is the creation of comedy-spots.


Until now the main themes were about soccer, elections or other current issues in Austria. We broadcasted them daily or weekly in cooperation with lokal newspapers or private television broadcasting transmitters.


A most appealing challenge is also the synchronisation of scenes from various blockbusters concerning specific topics such as renewable energy, the city of Graz,...

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